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You Can't Refuse


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You Can't Refuse is the second episode of the Comet Chronicles web series.

Nick's night is already off to a bad start when the mysterious Miss Anya knocks on his door. Little does he know it's about to get much worse.

Now Nick is going to have to make an important decision whether he takes Miss Anya up on her offer but in the end, You Can't Refuse.

Cast & Crew

Comet Chronicles Created By

Derek Olson, Robert Walden, Jake Kiley, Matt Pittman & Ryan Brewer

Story by

Isaac Otterman & Rob Walden

Directed By

Rob Walden & Jake Kiley

Written by

Rob Walden & Isaac Otterman

Director of Photography

Jake Kiley


Derek Olson, Robert Walden, Jake Kiley, Matt Pittman & Ryan Brewer


Derek Olson, Rob Walden & Jake Kiley


Nick: Ryan Brewer
Miss Anya:
Carrie Donovan
Riley Hobbs
Sarah Wheaton
Radio Announcer:
Bryan Lessly

Comet Chronicles Main Title Sequence

Derek Olson, Robert Walden & Jacob Kiley

Comet Chronicles Theme by

Justin Olson

Location Audio

Shonee Singer, Alex Anderson & Derek Olson

SFX Makeup

Shonee Singer & Rob Walden

Music & Sound Effects


Script Supervisor

Shonee Singer

Special Thanks

tdg Western Sky Media & the Sprocketeers

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