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Unknown Caller is the first episode of the Comet Chronicles web series.

Alice and Kari were hoping to have a party with a small group of friends but a mysterious caller and comet conspire to ruin the night.

Sometimes you shouldn't trust somebody on the other end of the phone you don't know, sometimes you shouldn't trust the ones you do.

Cast & Crew

Comet Chronicles Created By

Derek Olson, Robert Walden, Jacob Kiley, Matt Pittman & Ryan Brewer

Story by

Derek Olson, & Matt Pittman

Directed By

Derek Olson & Jacob Kiley

Written by

Derek Olson

Director of Photography

Jacob Kiley


Derek Olson, Robert Walden, Jacob Kiley, Matt Pittman & Ryan Brewer


Derek Olson


Alice: Allie Verry
Kari: Anne Marie Orban
Radio Announcer: Bryan Lessly

Comet Chronicles Main Title Sequence

Derek Olson, Robert Walden & Jacob Kiley

Comet Chronicles Theme by

Justin Olson

Location Audio

Robert Walden, Isaac Otterman & Julia Rankin

Special Effects

Derek Olson

Music & Sound Effects

Pond5, SoundBible.com & FreeSound.org

Script Supervisor

Monica Jackson

Production Assistants

Isaac Otterman, Julia Rankin & Kris Monroe

Behind the Scenes

Kris Monroe

Special Thanks

TDG Communications, Western Sky Media & the Sprocketeers

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