Prop Guns is LIVE!

Dirty Sprocket News

June 3, 2016

Prop Guns is LIVE!

'Prop Guns' definitely took it's time, but we are really glad it is now live. This is the short we have been talking about for a while on our various podcasts and now you can check it out.

'Prop Guns' was shot a year ago in beautiful Spearfish, no that is not really Derek's home we shot in. This short was notable for a few things, this was the first short that Ryan was in for Dirty Sprocket and this was also Robert's writing and directorial debut. He even got to play himself, or at least a version of himself. Derek is there too on camera kind of being an ass, not sure if he supposed to be himself as well.

This project was sandwiched in between multiple horror projects so it was nice to do something light and fun. It truly was a lot of fun to shoot and we are so excited for you to be able to check it out.

Click here to watch 'Prop Guns' right now!