July Update

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July 11, 2016

July Update

Hello all, Derek here. We have been kind of quiet the last month or so but that is about to change.

The real world has been seeping into Dirty Sprocket as of late, Robert and I directed and were in a stage play, Jake has been working most every weekend and everyone else has had a hectic schedule. We are back into Dirty Sprocket mode now though. The one thing that has been consistant is our podcast MySequel which goes up every other Thursday. If you haven't listened to one yet, go give it a listen here. Our other podcast, Sprocket Docket, is going through a change as we speak. We have decided to make this podcast more about specific projects and less a free for all discussion so you will only see those sporadically. We will miss the way the Sprocket Docket used to be but no fear, we are hard at work on a new podcast which should hopefully premiere in the next month or so.

On the larger production front, 'You Can't Refuse' is getting close to being finished. We are hoping in the next few weeks, so keep an eye out. Beyond that we have a music video we are shooting in August and a few other small shorts still this summer. In very cool news we are starting to break out the story for a full fledged feature now. More news as that hits.

Before some of these projects hit make sure to check out all of our other projects, the comedic short 'Prop Guns' and our pilot for 'Jupiter & Mars.' Also before 'You Can't Refuse' comes out, make sure to check out the first in the 'Comet Chronicles' series, 'Unknown Caller.' Thanks all and take care.