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Jupiter & Mars is a project that started ten years ago with an idea by Bob and Derek Olson. It was originally created as an animated show following the adventures of Max Jupiter and Mars Mitchell at the 'National Inquisitor.' A full pilot that involved crazed fans and Elvis was recorded, but never released.

A lot has changed over the years, the 'National Inquisitor' is no more but many other characters have joined the party. In this new verion of the show, it’s the story of Max Jupiter, a talented, yet conceited, and ultimately disgraced reporter who is reduced to working at a newspaper in a hick town in South Dakota.

Jupiter soon meets Mars Mitchell, a local character who is convinced that dark, other-worldly forces are at work which threaten to destroy the town, and perhaps even the world.

A bunch of crazy stuff happens and there’s lots more characters such as the self-aggrandising Mayor Phil, the helpful, but secretive Terra; Irv, the editor at the paper; Tiamet, the ancient Sumerian god of chaos...

And the enigmatic Dr. Rufus Hornbottom, host of 'The Naked Truth.'

Even though the full season of Jupiter & Mars was never created you can still enjoy the pilot.

Cast & Crew

Created By

Bob Olson & Derek Olson

Story by

Derek Olson, Matt Pike, Eric Whitcher, Jacob Kiley & Monte Amende

Directed By

Monte Amende & Derek Olson

Written by

Derek Olson

Director of Photography

Jacob Kiley


Derek Olson, Monte Amende, Jacob Kiley & Matt Pittman


Jacob Kiley


Max Jupiter: Paul Stillson
Mars Mitchell: Derek Olson
Tera: Sarah DeVries
Helene: Stephanie Bussiere
Mayor Phil: Eric Whitcher 
Irv: Robert Walden 
Chief Reese: Chris Loomis 
Rufus Hornbottom: Tom Griffith 
Frank Pascoe: Adam Wesconsin 
Darcy: Allie Verry 
Stock Boy: Chance Minor 
Police Officer: Monica Jackson 

Main Title Sequence

Monte Amende

Theme by

Monte Amende

Location Audio

Ezra Olson, Chris Loomis, Isaac Otterman, Sarah Wheaton & Robert Walden

Special Effects

Anna Otterman & Jacob Kiley

Script Supervisor

Monica Jackson

Production Assistants

Ezra Olson, Isaac Otterman, Sarah Wheaton, Anna Otterman & Henry Tripson

Special Thanks

Matt Pike, Bob & Laura Olson, Tom & Nyla Griffith, Janelle & Joe Kiley, Jeff Otterman, TDG Communications, Western Sky Media, Bryan Lessly, Lynn's Dakota Mart, Stewart Huntington & Black Hills Pioneer

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