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Alex Anderson was born on a rainy day in July, in 1995 to Colleen and Blaine Anderson in spearfish South Dakota.

As a youth Anderson spent much of his time in play grounds and heavily wooded areas playing made up games which more often than not focused on adventure or dark horror. It was through these games that Anderson’s love of adventure and horror were born. At the age of 17 he discovered the writings of H.P. Lovecraft and to this date has read most of his mythos. Lovecraft’s writings influenced Anderson most of all and in 2013 he wrote his first Lovecraft style horror story titled “the Realm of Zoroth.”

Anderson has always harbored a love of film and since the age of 10 has wanted to make movies ranging from action thrillers to mind bending horrors. In his free time Anderson enjoys naps, hanging out with friends, writing, drawing, and fighting off cosmic horrors, the very nature of which would cause humanity to crumble. To know of them is to go mad, and to see them to die.

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