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    What does that even mean? Means we are dedicated to creating the best web content we can. Read More
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    We here at Dirty Sprocket are about to go about a major re-structuring to get you the best quality content we can. You will notice the site is not being…

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Welcome to Dirty Sprocket

What we are is a group of friends who like to create things. Pretty simple, really. Some of us draw, some blog, some like to make movies and some like to write stories. Dirty Sprocket is a group where these projects can be finished and released. We help each other to turn these great ideas into a reality and publish them on the Dirty Sprocket site. Below is a list of projects we have completed and we always have a lot more on the way. Keep checking back for more great content.

Meet the Dirty Sprocket Crew

  • Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson was born on a rainy day in July, in 1995 to Colleen and

  • Allie Verry

    Allie Verry is a performing enthusiast currently pursuing her BFA in Acting at the University

  • Anne Marie Orban

    Anne is a Journalism and Threatre major at BHSU.

  • Debbie Rankin

    Debbie Rankin is pursuing an Applied Biological Sciences major with a minor in Chemistry at

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