• We are Dirty Sprocket

    What does that even mean? Means we are dedicated to creating the best web content we can. Read More
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Dirty Sprocket News

  • Dirty Sprocket is back!
    It's been a while, but we are finally back! Dirty Sprocket, the group of friends who like to create together, are finally back in operation. We have a lot of…

Featured Work

  • E Love Connection.Com
    ELoveConnection.com was a short created was created to try and get posted on Cracked. Didn't work unfortunately, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it.
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New at the blog

  • The Honest Truth
    Couple of items of house-keeping real fast. Sorry the site is not being updated regularyly.  We are really trying but we are neck-deep in our very own first web series…

Meet the Dirty Sprocket Crew

  • Alex Anderson

    Alex Anderson was born on a rainy day in July, in 1995 to Colleen and

  • Allie Verry

    Allie Verry is a performing enthusiast currently pursuing her BFA in Acting at the University

  • Derek Olson

    Derek is the founder, or closest thing to, of Dirty Sprocket.

  • Ezra Olson

    Ezra is very, very smart. He is also very, very oritinal and clever in whatever

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